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Welcome to my stop along The Jingle Book Blog Hop!

If you’ve visited my website, you know I like to explore historical idioms and ideals. So, it will surely come as no surprise that I could not resist exploring the traditional holiday song Jingle Bells. Written in the nineteenth century by James Lord Pierpont, Jingle Bells was originally titled One Horse Open Sleigh and intended as a Thanksgiving song. While that little bit of knowledge is interesting, what captured my attention was the notion that the little ditty was considered by some to be risque. It seems that in certain circles the younger set used the tune as a drinking song, clinking the ice in their cups to mimic the sound of bells as they belted out the song. And if that weren’t scandalous enough for the times, the song tells the story of a young man not only taking Miss Fanny Bright out for a ride sans chaperon, but advising a friend to find himself a girl and do the same!

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