Desperately Searching For A Complicated Heroine

Congratulations to October’s Corset winner, Darlene…and thank you all for the wonderful suggestions of books and authors. My kindle library has grown by leaps and bounds with all the samples I’ve added. Now if I could just find time to read them!

I’ll be posting November’s Corset in the next few days but in the meantime, please feel free to add further recommendations. I greatly appreciate them all!


I wouldn’t be an author of Historical Romance Novels if I didn’t absolutely love to read Historical Romance Novels.

I adore it all. Westerns with an outlaw wounded in body and soul. Regencies with spunky heroines and devilish rakes. Gilded tales of American heiresses and fortune hunting English aristocrats. Steampunk stories with vampires. Victorian era fairy tales. Medieval knights saving damsels in distress. Or damsels in distress saving Medieval knights, for that matter. If it’s well-written, the characters multi-dimensional and the story nicely paced, I’ll read it. Sometimes over and over again.

But like any fan of the Historical Romance genre, my mood determines the type of story I crave at any given time. And my moods can be fickle, stubborn and downright impossible to please.

Sometimes I want pure romance, sweet and light and humorous, perhaps even a bit chaste. Other times I look for a story riddled with angst, something dark and seedy and wicked. Most often I find myself looking for something betwixt the two ends of the spectrum.

Lately I’ve found myself desperately searching for a story with a complicated, multi-faceted heroine possessed of a slightly tarnished reputation, a lover or two in her past and a faintly cynical outlook on life.  Oh, and a hero who is enchanted, if a bit befuddled, by this woman rather than determined to reform her character, find a distant connection to a baron which would make her marriageable, or set her up as his mistress.

So, dear readers I am asking for your assistance, for suggestions and recommendations. Have you read a particular author who writes complex, nuanced heroines and the heroes who adore them just as they are? Is there a particular book you’ve enjoyed which might satisfy my sudden, insistent craving for more than a feisty virgin and the rake who stole her heart with little or no effort?

As always I love to hear from my readers so please feel free to post a comment below. Share your your suggestions for my next great read, a bit of news, a notion of any sort, an idiom that’s always struck you as amusing, a regency ideal you’ve found ludicrous, or just a random thought. You’ll be entered to win October’s Floral Denim Corset.

October Corset

Crystal Young left me a comment in September and won a corset of her own. I’ll be randomly choosing a winner for October’s lovely corset on November 1st. 

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