Portrait of Passion, Idyllwild Book One

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When I began Portrait of Passion I never dreamed it would be the first in a three book series. I did not consider how difficult it would be to find a publisher. I never imagined I would spend months both dreading and anticipating opening my email. Nor did I truly appreciate how happy I would feel when I finally found an offer for acceptance amid all the rejections.  I did not ponder the perils and pitfalls of promotion. I didn’t even have a Facebook or Twitter account.

And I certainly never considered the possibility that I would come to love the story and the characters I’d created.  

But I did fall in love with Beatrice and Simon, and with the tale of three siblings bonded by blood, love and a small estate in the North of England. It broke my heart to see Portrait of Passion and the Idyllwild Series all but disappear into the netherworld due to a convoluted and complicated set of circumstances over which I had no control. 

I now have both the rights and the creative control of all three books in the series back in my loving hands. 

So it is with great pleasure and a bit of giddy excitement that I am re-releasing the Idyllwild Series, beginning with Portrait of Passion. Widow’s Wicked Wish and Unraveling the Earl will soon follow. 

I hope you too will fall in love with Idyllwild, with Beatrice and Simon, with Olivia and Jack, and with Henry and Georgie. 

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