Corsets and Kisses

It’s no great secret that I adore corsets… For their silk and lace embrace, the naughty flavor they add to a love scene and the luxurious ambiance they give any room.

What you may not know is that I have something of a fascination with first kisses, you might even call it an obsession. When I begin a new romance novel, from the very first sentence I write, I am building toward the first kiss. That one perfect moment in time… When lips first meet, soft breaths mingle and rational thoughts scatter… I adore it, anticipate it and endeavor to lure my readers in with the hope they will become lost right along with my heroine and hero.

Why? It’s quite simple… It’s complicated, that first kiss.

Rather like a corset.

A decadent gift unto itself but also a luscious tease, a hint of what’s to come in the pages to follow. Fraught with tangled emotions and tiny hooks of hope, secrets carefully hidden and breathlessly revealed.

In light of my fascination with both corsets and first kisses, it seems only fitting I title my upcoming monthly newsletter Corsets and Kisses.

Corsets and Kisses will be filled with news and notions, excerpts and explorations, humorous historical idioms and all sorts of giveaways.

To get laces unraveling, my first giveaway ended today:

25 New Subscribers won a Corset Bookmark (shown below).

Angela Perry, Angela Withrow, Brandy Mulder, Brooke Bumgardner, Cathie Morton, Cheri Oggy, Cheryl English, Crystal Sebbring, Debbie Hass, Donna Killian, Elizabeth Stacy, Erin F, Jan Goodard, Jessica Alcazar, Karen Brewer, Karin Anderson, Lisa Richards, Lisa Ringsby, Marcia Berbeza, Patty McKenna Van Hulle, Ruth Wood, Sheryl Larson, Tara Davis, Teresa A Ryan, Bethany Macielag

10 New Subscribers won a Wine Bottle Corset (shown below).

Amy Waite, Deborah Poston, Geraldine Pierson, Gina Ochsenschlager, Mark Watson, Mary Young, Peggy Salkill, Sue Ahn, Vicki Hancock, Wendy Mitchell

1 New Subscriber won an Autographed Copy of Portrait of Passion (link above), a Corset Bookmark and a Wine Bottle Corset.

Rhiannon Rowland

Winners were chosen randomly from all verified email addresses. I will send an email to all winners and their prizes will be mailed out this week.

I hope you will enjoy Corsets and Kisses and share with your friends.

Lynne Barron

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