Lynne Barron Author of Romantic Novels

Kisses, Kisses and More Kisses

As a writer of erotic romance novels I am admittedly obsessed with kisses.

Deliciously soft and slow kisses.

Decadently wild and hungry kisses.

First kisses, farewell kisses, chaste kisses, passionate kisses and every imaginable kiss in between.

I love them all.

But there is a special place in my heart for those kisses that take my hero or heroine by surprise, the soft brush of his lips when she expected to be devoured, the tempestuous twist of her tongue when he anticipated bashful resistance.

And my absolute favorite, the kiss that a man never imagined was part of his vast repertoire of kisses, a kiss that is as much about his hand tracing the slope of her cheek as his tongue trailing along the seam of her lips, a kiss that is both tender and fierce, exploration and discovery, a kiss that is a mingling of his breath and hers until he can taste them together on his tongue, a kiss that makes him think…

Wow, I didn’t even know I knew how to kiss like this.

Kisses inspire me to write, write and write some more in hopes that one day I will write a kiss so tender, so passionate, so out of control ferocious and sweet and sensual and just plain yummy that I will think…

Wow, I didn’t even know I knew how to write a kiss like this.